The Five Best Pickleball Paddles of 2023

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Pickleball is a fast-growing sport that I have gotten into over the past few years, like many others all over the world. Not much equipment is required, but an essential piece is the paddle. In this blog post, we will discuss the best pickleball paddles on the market today that can help you have fun and improve your game at the same time.

It feels like a version of tennis that anyone can pick up in a short time, which is my favorite part. Regardless of age or skill level, give someone ten minutes to get the basics down and you’re off and running! This makes it that rare sport where grandparents can play with their grandkids – probably the thing I love the most.

What Are The Best Pickleball Paddles in 2023?

Selkirk Amped S2 Paddle

The S2 is known as having the largest sweet spot in the Pickleball industry. The extra large surface area improves your control and shot accuracy, while making it appropriate for players of all levels. This paddle is on the more expensive side, and due to the larger face, has a shorter handle than most paddles on the market.

Engage Encore Pro Paddle

The Encore Pro strives to use a proprietary fiberglass skin that maximizes the allowed limits of ‘surface roughness’ to keep the ball in contact with paddle as long as possible. The goal is to provide excellent ball control and allow for more spin on your hits. The paddle is also heavier than most, which may not be ideal for some players. Lastly, this paddle has a special design that makes it quieter than others on the market, allowing for it to be playable in noise-restricted environments.

ProLite Titan Pro Paddle

The Titan Pro is focused on being the paddle for the balanced player, and is on the more expensive side. ProLite makes up for this by using a tighter cross weave to keep every shot more uniform. The exterior has a total of 3 layers of carbon fiber surrounding each side of the paddle core, which results in a thicker paddle that keeps its durability and vibration dampening qualities without sacrificing power, which is common in most thicker cored paddles. The edge guard has a small channel designed to allow air flow through the edge and create less drag.

Onix Graphite Z5 Paddle

This Onix paddle is by far the most popular made by this company. Another paddle focused on control, it makes an effort to of play well for beginner through advanced. The Z5 paddle offers light weight characteristics for support and added speed, pop, and maneuverability.

HEAD Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle

This is the first paddle in our article that focuses on POWER. It has a thicker core and specific shape to emphasize a power game. If that’s how you like to play, this is definitely the paddle for you.

What to Look for in a Pickleball Paddle?

Let’s discuss the factors that you should consider when choosing a paddle. Here are some of the essential things that you need to look for in a pickleball paddle:

  1. Weight: Pickleball paddles come in different weights, ranging from 6 to 14 ounces. A lighter paddle is ideal for players who prefer a quick and maneuverable paddle, while a heavier one is best for players who prefer a more powerful and stable paddle.
  2. Material: Pickleball paddles are made of different materials, such as wood, composite, and graphite. Wooden paddles are the most affordable, while composite and graphite paddles offer better performance and durability.
  3. Grip: The grip of the paddle is crucial, as it can affect your comfort and control while playing. Paddles come with either a small or large grip size, so it’s essential to choose one that feels comfortable in your hand.
  4. Shape: The shape of the paddle can also affect your game. Most paddles have a round or elongated shape, with different widths and lengths. The shape you choose should depend on your playing style and preference.

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